Club History

Early in 1965, the club met informally at Mike Maloy’s home. Approximately 6 members gathered to learn the hobby and to upgrade their license. This was the catalyst for one of the largest clubs in the area. The Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club, Inc. first incorporated in 1971 and began the first formal meetings in the Port Richey Fire House located on Grand Boulevard in PortRichey, Florida. The membership of the Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club is composed of persons who share the common convictions of Amateur Radio, guided in part by the FCC, and ARRL Rules and Regulations. The main purpose of the club is to maintain an organization of people devoted to the convictions in order more thoroughly to enjoy the hobby and provide a means for the enhancement of member’s knowledge in amateur radio, plus to promote friendship by association and have fun. This club is full service to meet the needs of the membership, assist with all types of communication for the community and educate all, in the purpose of amateur radio.

The Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated club and is located in Port Richey, Florida in Pasco County, West Central Florida just Northwest of Tampa.  Everyone is welcome!!! Activities to include annual Field Day event, Club Picnics, Annual Club Ham Fest, Fox Hunts, ARRL/VEC exams, special events, local ARES/RACES support, Club HF station, VHF/UHF repeaters, and more.