Membership Information

The membership year begins on January first and dues are due by January 31.
Dues are $25.00 per person per year for an individual; or $30.00 per year for a family membership (All members must live at the same address).

Benefits of Membership

  • License Classes
  • VE Testing
  • ARES / RACES and SkyWarn are actively supported by the Club
  • Community events supported by our Club.

License Exams (ARRL/VE)

The club holds Exam sessions for all license classes on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM at the GCARC Club House. Bring with you (1) Original/photocopy of license; (2) Positive ID; (3) The cost of the test (checks made payable to ARRL/VEC) or cash.


The club maintains three active (open) repeaters on 146.670, 145.330, 147.135,  and 444.650 Mhz. Any licensed Amateur is invited to use these repeaters. When using the club repeat-ers, remember to pause, listen for emergency or short-time traffic and ID your station every ten minutes as required by the FCC.


A Tuesday night Club Net is held at 7:30 PM on 146.670, and 147.135 MHz. The Net is open to all licensed Amateurs. Announcements, sales, and swap of Amateur equipment can be made on this Net along with discussions of other related topics.


The Pasco County ARES/RACES Training Net is held every 1st & 5th Wednesday at 7:30 PM on 146.670, and 147.135 MHz. During an actual emergency, ARES/RACES Net Control will manage ALL transmissions.


This is a NWS program for Amateurs who are storm and weather spotters. The Club periodically sponsors the SkyWarn training class. This is a volunteer function. This Net is held every Sunday at 7:30pm on 146.670, and 147.135 MHz.